In Polish hard coal mines seismic events occur very often and reach value of magnitude up to 5,0. In the epicentre areas strong mining tremors cause slight damaging effect in buildings. The new criteria of empirical assessing influence of mining tremors on the surface are presented. The so far applied scales, mainly borrowed from the earthquake science or worked out for paraseismic vibrations, have not delivered an authoritative assessment of consequences of vibrations caused by mining tremors. For the purposes of assessing the influence a conception was adopted, that is based on the parameters of ground velocity amplitude, and vibration duration of velocity. As a result of two-year’s science work a new empirical intensity scale of mining seismic events, GSIGZW for assessing the impact of mining tremors on buildings has been worked out. It was elaborated by correlating observed consequences with recorded parameters of vibration velocity and time duration of ground motions. A very good fit are observed between the vibration intensity estimated by means of the GSIGZW scale and the macroscopic observations of their consequences at the Coal Company’s collieries – Poland. The scale GSIGZW is successful used in Polish hard coal mines.


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