A deep geophysical electromagnetic investigation has been used to improve the geo-structural knowledge of Agri Valley, a large quaternary basin located in Southern Italy. In the longitudinal section, the basin is probable composed of three depocentral areas separated by two structural highs, bounded by NE-oriented faults investigated with several Deep Electrical Resistivity Tomography (DERT) by Colella et al., 2004. A destructive event occurred in 1857 (I=XI MCS) in the Agri Valley and at present, this area is characterized by large low-magnitude events but uncertainty there is about the location of the seismogenic sources. In order to solve some unexplained questions such as, for example, the depth of the bedrock below the quaternary deposits and geometrical characterization of the faults, a magnetotelluric profile transversally to the Agri river basin was carried out.


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