Heat flow data from the Poland characterizes with strong diversification between Polish Basin, East European Craton and Teisseyre-Tornquist Zone (TTZ), and Paleozoic Platform. The analysis of this data and numerical modeling of the crustal temperatures shows evidence of extensive crustal-mantle warming in the area between the Sudetes to the south and the Trans-European Suture Zone to the north. The change in heat flow in Polish Basin is 100% when compared with values for the EEC. The borehole thermal data in upper few hundred to a thousand meters show lower geothermal gradient that indicate the Pleistocene-Holocene paleo-climatic event in Poland. The retreating of the ice sheet cover (12-15 thousands years before present) from the Polish lowland probably affected the subsurface thermal regime decreasing the geothermal gradient in the upper part of the sedimentary rocks. In this paper we construct two dimensional numerical models of the crustal and upper mantle temperatures in the transitional zone between the craton (Baltica) and the areas south west of the TTZ in order to trace the impact of the long term temperature changes at the surface.


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