The soil classification in UBC (NEHRP) and Euro codes is mainly based on the ground type and description of stratigraphic profile. In the determination of the ground type which has a direct relation with the stratigraphic profile of the investigated site, one of the 3 important parameters is used: the average shear wave velocity of the top 30 m of the soil (Vs, 30-m/s), or NSPT (blow counts/30 cm) or cu (kPa) values. Usually the Vs30 values are calculated from velocity profiles determined from borehole (down-hole or cross-hole) measurements. In that case it is necessary to drill holes down to at least 30 m depth. The SPT and CPT techniques also need appropriate, usually expensive equipments. Recently, the MASW technique (multichannel analysis of surface waves) is effectively used in the determination of Vs profiles. In this study, 1-D share-wave velocity profile obtained from a MASW profile is both correlated with the borehole data and with the result of the SPT data. A shear modulus distribution map is plotted for the geotechnical purpose.


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