Our study focuses on the potential helpful of surface geophysical data to constrain the water context within an alluvial aquifer. On a given area where 2 wells have been drilled, we have performed several geophysical acquisitions, including ground penetrating radar, resistivity, seismic refraction and magnetic resonance soundings. From these data, we estimate several parameters which are the water height in the deposits, the effective porosity, the water content, the permeability and the transmissivity of the alluvial deposits. Theses physical parameters allow us to characterize the alluvial deposits in order to constrain the estimation of the potential water flow. The lithology and the water flow rate being known from the wells, geophysical results obtained in a high water flow rate zone are compared to those obtained in a low water flow rate zone. Correlation appears from the water flow rate observed in both wells and the geophysical data obtained in the vicinity of these wells.


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