The aim of the present paper is to develop a method that integrates various geophysical methods with different resolutions and physical properties of interest. To carry out a more reasonable analysis, geostatistical approaches were used. For maximizing the benefit of integration, potential and seismic data, which have opposite characteristics, were used. The potential method has a low vertical resolution but a significant advantage in the study of the structure of a wide area at a low cost. The seismic method has high vertical resolutions but can include substantial cost and effort. In our processing, the vertical resolution of the seismic data and magnetic distribution were used to evaluate the gravity analysis. And the spatial distribution of the corrected gravity data was used to re-analyze the result of the seismic data with the evaluated validity. The proposed method was tested using a hypothetical model and field data from a real intrusive igneous area. The results of the model test agreed well with those of the real model. Moreover, with the real field data, the geostatistical approach used herein demonstrated relatively satisfactory results. So, the newly proposed integration analysis could be used effectively for the analysis of multi-geophysical data.


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