The study has been carried out in the frames of an ongoing R&D project “Study on detection of hydrocarbon pollution of soil and groundwater with the use of geophysical methods” supported by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education and Programme of Structural Funds “Competitiveness”. The overall goal of the project was to utilize related knowledge and expertise of research partner – AGH University of Science and Technology in order to help the contractor, service company - PBG Geophysical Exploration Company Warsaw Ltd, developing an methodology on the effective use of geophysical methods to detection and monitoring of hydrocarbon pollution on areas of old oil fields. These areas are are intended in not to distant future to be converted for the use of local communities. Results of geophysical ERT and GPR surveys can be used to detect contaminated zones within groundwater and soil system if they are correlated with results of computer simulations of electromagnetic wave field and within contaminated soil and numerical modelling of hydrocarbon pollution range and fate within characteristic types of ground (and aquifers).


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