In the recent years of high oil prices many companies turned their attention to the advanced IOR/EOR methods including cyclic water flooding, miscible gas and steam injection. This paper summarizes experience accumulated in International Research Institute of Stavanger over several years of using in-house analytical pre-screening tool for evaluation of possible IOR/EOR strategies. An analytical models of cyclic water, miscible gas and steam injection is presented. Strong and week points of these methods are analyzed. The results of field case studies both on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and outside Norway are presented and discussed. We conclude that the analytical models may be successfully used for prescreening of the IOR methods. The analytical methods can, in most cases, correctly handle the behavior of the reservoir system as a function of IOR process critical parameters. However final decision to apply a certain IOR procedure and its optimization should be done utilizing full-scale reservoir models. The analytical methods can significantly decrease the decision making time by either: a) decreasing a number of computationally expensive full-scale simulations for mature developed reservoirs; or b) quickly screening new prospect where reservoir knowledge is limited.


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