A new approach for early stage reserves estimation for dual porosity fractured reservoir is presented. When assessing the volumetrical reservoir content by Monte-Carlo simulation, rock volume, porosity and saturations are treated as stochastic variables. When estimating the reserves the recovery factor must be also handled as stochastic variable. The recovery factor for a given depletion mechanism depends on already mentioned parameters and additionally on the shape factor, the matrix permeability and the wettability. This dependency will be assessed by means of fine scaled numerical simulation resulting in so-called recovery curves. This paper discusses how the recovery curves will be created and how they will be used for reserve estimation. The recovery curves are generated using single porosity small scale models and are in terms of recovery versus time or dimensionless time. The block size of this small scale models corresponds to a given shape factor in the shape factor distribution. The matrix depletion processes are basically dependent on time and matrix parameters. Therefore, matrix parameters that have an influence on the depletion are incorporated in the dimensionless time. These are the shape factor, the matrix permeability, the oil viscosity and a characteristic pressure in the system. The paper also contains the application of the method to a field case.


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