Integrated inversion of production history data and 4D seismic data for reservoir model characterization leads to a nonlinear inverse problem that is usually cumbersome to solve : the associated forward problem based, on one hand, on fluid flow simulation in the reservoir for production data modeling, and on the other hand, on a petro-elastic model for 4D time lapse seismic data modeling, is usually computationally time consuming, the number of measurements to be inverted is large (up to 500 000), the number of model parameters to be determined is up to 100. Moreover, all the derivatives of the modeled data with respect to those parameters are usually not available. We propose an optimization method based on a Sequential Quadratic Programming algorithm which uses gradient approximation coupled with a BFGS approximation of the Hessian. In addition, the proposed method allows to handle equality and inequality nonlinear constraints. Some realistic applications are presented to illustrate the efficiency of the method.


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