We consider an oil rim development with waterflooding using. We offer to discuss a system where recovery and injection horizontal wells have parallel orien-tation and are drilled in the oil rim. These researches are based on mathematical modeling that allows us to describe and simulate reservoir behavior. The model is quite simplified and takes into account only the most important factors. The prob-lem is represented as a three-phase 2D model. Considering area is a vertical section of the element of development system and consists of a space between the recovery and injection wells. A system of differential equations describing filtration process consists of one parabolic and two hyperbolic equations which are solved for certain initial and boundary conditions by using finite-difference methods. Here are used implicit schemes for both parabolic and hyperbolic equations. Let’s consider a simplified optimization problem and study the following objective function determining profit on the oil rim development. The objective function depends on both natural and technological factors: rock and fluid prop-erties, an oil rim thickness, water-pressure system activity, a distance between wells, their positions and operating regimes, etc. In this work the author explores some technological factors which influence an oil recovery factor and the objective function, and analysis waterflooding effi-ciency for the oil rim development. One significant effect has been found out. The effect is in an oil recovery increasing since time moment, when injected water has covered the oil rim and displaces a gas cone. This is a characteristic feature of thin oil rims development. The applied method based on mathematical modeling permits to solve pro-jection and control problems.


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