Setting and solving of the discussed problem is caused by the next circumstances: 1. The possibilities of the software for hydrodynamic simulation aimed on finding optimal project and management of field development are extremely limited. 2. Filtration parameters in porous media can’t be obtained by interpolation. It causes the necessity to define them for every block separately. 3. The filtration equations are nonlinear. Therefore the parameters of these equations are changed while the field is being developed. That’s why it is permanently necessary to carry out history matching. A new approach is suggested to solve the listed problems. It is based on hierarchical simulation and the decomposition of the simulation zone. In this case the field is institutionally divided into homogeneous blocks (geological objects). In its turn every block is divided into elements. An element may contain only one well or no one. The number of hierarchy levels and the character of links between them is defined by the number and the superposition of homogeneous blocks in the field, by the method of blocks decomposition into elements, by methods the initial multiphase filtration equations were approximated. Special attention is paid to the calculation of the filtration flows distribution and the values of pressure inside every element. Thanks to the usage of perturbation method the solving of the equations system with quasilinear and nonlinear operators adds up to the solving of linear systems chain. The suggested approach how to solve the problem of the filtration processes simulation may be used for all the types of hydrocarbon fields excluding gas hydrate deposits.


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