The Murzuq Basin is located to the southwest of Libya. The basin is a foreland intracratonic trough which was formed during the Pan-African orogeny. It has evolved through several tectonic events from Pan African to Alpinian. The complex glacial influence sedimentation and erosion have been recognized in the Ordovician Hawaz and Mamuniyat sediments. The Hawaz Fm. has been deeply eroded forming a spectacular terrain of escarpments and incised valleys where later filled by Melaz Shuqran and Mamuniyat Formations. Restricted basin during the early Silurian favored the deposition of organic rich Base Tanezzuft “Hot Shale”. A combination of both Ordovician Hawaz and Mamuniyat as reservoir with the Lower Silurian Tanezzuft Hot Shale creates the main play in the area. The presence of active petroleum system and hydrocarbon potential in the Murzuq Basin has been support by oil fields and discoveries. A total of 18 oil fields have been discovered with recoverable reserves exceeding 1.9 billion barrels.


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