In Basin and prospect evaluations we always deal with the assessment the Petroleum System elements. The Petroleum System is defined as the sequence of all the geological combined elements and processes which, from a source rock to one or several reservoir / seal pairs and using a common plumbing system leads to the formation of a genetically related family of hydrocarbon accumulations. We need to improve the seal efficiency studies: investigate the sealing sections as carefully as we do for reservoir intervals by a detailed mapping of their petrophysical parameters, thicknesses, the occurrence of hydrocarbon shows from mudlogs etc. We must also progress on hydrocarbon type predictions: We can use sophisticated simulators and calculators but only as sensitivity tools thanks to computers becoming more and more powerful, but we must not forget the geological and naturalist reasoning for helping to find new hydrocarbons! We need to come back to the geologic reflexion, following the key steps of the evaluation workflow and gather and integrate the knowledge and data even it becomes more and more complex to manage.


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