Identifying of source rocks is essential for the evaluation of the petroleum potential of the sediments dominated by terrestrial organic matter in exploration areas. This will improve the modeling of the generation history of the source rock sediments.The knowledge of the petroleum generation and the characteristics of the source rock sediments is one of the main factors in the exploration success of an area. Geochemical data were used to examine the amount, type, and maturation of organic matter and Hydrocarbon potentials of source rocks within the Block NC98. Block NC98 source rock intervals have been identified in Lower and Upper Cretaceous group. The source rocks have been determined by identification of various organic Geochemical and palyonologyical methods and techniques. The data obtained indicates that both petroleum systems have a very good source section with high potential for oil and gas generation. Both petroleum systems have organic facies derived from marine and terrestrial organic input. This was confirmed by the optical examination, and organically rich TOC. The Geochemical analysis including carbon isotope, GC, and GC - MS indicates that the Hydrocarbon extracted from Lower Cretaceous group have a positive correlation with Hydrocarbon found in the Upper Nubian sandstone.


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