A new vibroseis acquisition technique, which uses HFVS (High Fidelity Vibrator Seismic) separation with continuous sweeping, results in unsurpassed production rates and at the same time excellent data quality. With Continuous HFVS, there is no waiting for between sweep listening times or for between vibrator slip times. All vibrators sweep simultaneously using a long segmented sweep and then move to the next shot points. Calculated production rates are as great or greater than other high productivity methods, particularly with multi-fleet flip-flop operations. In processing, each long data record is parsed into individual segments and separated with the HFVS technique. Separation with C-HFVS is as good as standard HFVS separation. Cross contamination of signal from the vibrator points being acquired simultaneously is not observable in the output records. As long as the sweep segment length is greater than 1.5 times the listening time, the noise quality is comparable to that of HFVS, since harmonic interference noise from sweeping during the listening time is limited to times near the end of the sweep segment.


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