The Sunraysia irrigation region of Australia supports a nationally significant citrus, vegetable production and horticulture industry. This industry is dependent upon the Murray River supplying water for irrigation, household use, livestock consumption, and industrial water use. Salinisation of the Murray River is a significant threat to the sustainability of the irrigation resource for this region. Natural inflows of highly saline groundwater to the Murray River have been exacerbated by irrigation development and adjacent clearing of native vegetation and the development of dryland agriculture within the vicinity of the river. Airborne electromagnetic methods have the capacity to provide detailed spatial information to assist in the prediction of the impact of current and future irrigation developments, the design of salt interception schemes and protection of floodplain values. These issues are central to the regional and state strategies for the River Murray. The RESOLVE survey of the Sunraysia region has demonstrated that floodplains can exhibit varying conductivity, both laterally and with depth, over fine scales. The data from this airborne survey is being used to produce key land use management tools.


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