The wave equation datuming (WED) is a necessary technique to deal with datuming correction in areas where the surface-consistent assumption is not valid. The previous applications of WED usually downward or upward continue the data from the surface to a planar datum. But for overthrust-belt data, it is always hard to find a planar base for weathering layer (WL). So the wave-equation layer replacement has to be done under the assumption that the base of WL is non-planar. In this paper, an integrated WED scheme applicable to the overthrust data is proposed. Firstly, the wave-field is downward continued to a non-planar base of the WL to remove the unexpected effects caused by the WL. Then, an upward continuation is applied to extrapolate the wave-field to a final planar datum with the replacement velocity. Either the downward or the upward continuation are accomplished by the one-way extrapolator such as finite-difference (FD) operator in a recursive way which constitutes an integrated wave-equation layer replacement scheme.


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