A consortium with three partners from different fields of environmental sciences (Geophysics, Hydrogeology, Geotechnics) was formed for a three-year-long project to improve hydrogeophysical methods in order to detect and characterize special subsurface contaminants. Contaminated sites were chosen in Hungary as study-areas to improve and calibrate special geophysical methods to provide remediation experts and hydrogeologists with necessary information for reliable transport modeling. A strong collaboration between the geophysicists and hydrogeologists evolved protocols and techniques to carry out successful site assessment and remediation schemes of contaminated lands. In this multi-disciplinal project the results provided by the geophysicists were immediately applied and controlled by the end users. This study presents two case histories on detailed geophysical survey of two contaminated areas. At both sites high resolution techniques providing reliable data were applied. The results were validated and accepted by hydrogeologists and applied during the remediation processes.


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