A geophysical survey was carried out in an archaeological site called Los Teteles (bunch of rocks), which covered several areas within the zone. This investigation included high resolution total magnetic field and ground penetrating radar (GPR). Previous archaeological work carried out on a northern terrace in 1974 discovered an ancient tomb. Magnetic and GPR data were collected in this site. Results depicted a very nice N-S oriented dipolar magnetic anomaly. GPR data displayed features related to the location at depth of walls and floors. Also, remains of stairways and platforms were also inferred. The magnetic study revealed interesting magnetic trends related with ancient walls and platforms. An interesting inverted magnetic dipolar anomaly found could be interpreted as the location of a tomb. GPR profiles were taken over some of those anomalies, and a correlation was performed among the interpreted profiles confirming previous interpretation. A 3D visualisation of the GPR data along with the application of an enhancement filter helped to define characteristic features related to archaeological artefacts, as the magnetic results defined. The location of the possible tomb could also be confirmed.


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