Results of investigations carried out by the Geological Survey of Israel and the Geophysical Institute of Israel reveal that the development of sinkholes in the Dead Sea coast is linked to subsurface salt formations and change of fresh – saline water interface caused by the drop of the Dead Sea level. Since groundwater is seen as the major reason for sinkhole development, it was decided to apply the Magnetic Resonance Sounding (MRS) method to investigate aquifers in potentially dangerous areas. In 2005 and 2007, two MRS surveys supported by NATO project SfP N° 981128 were performed in the area. Our results reveal a very heterogeneous aquifer with two orders of the transmissivity variation around the investigated area. It was observed with MRS that when sinkhole hazard takes place it causes 5-10 folds drop of the transmissivity. Formation of new caverns was not observed. Numerical modeling reveals that under Nahal Hever conditions the water table can be measured with MRS with the uncertainty of a few meters. However, accuracy of MRS is sufficient for monitoring of the transmissivity of aquifers in sinkhole hazardous areas where ground collapse may modify significantly the subsurface.


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