New Cairo City is a new urban area which has been developed on the periphery of Cairo. A natural protectorate area of Silicified woods is located inside this city. Accordingly, a Conflict between the Ministries of Tourism and Buildings about this protectorate area is arisen. As an attempt to assess the existence of silicified wood in this natural protectorate area, 2D and 3D electrical resistivity and GPR measurements have been conducted. The survey has been conducted at two sites in the percorate area. At site 1, in which there are no traces of silicified wood on the surface but in site 2, there are traces of silicified wood on the subsurface. The data of geoelectric in show accumulation of burden traces of silicified wood. The data obtained from Geolectric are well in range and fits with those from GPR data. This survey approves that the study area should be maintained as protectorate area and should not be used for further constructions.


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