Growing deficit of hydrocarbons in the world and favourable economical conditions push O&G companies into exploration of new frontiers or reexamining of the known, but under-explored areas. The new exploration program was developed and executed in the Southeastern part of Turkey in order to delineate subtle geological features and, therefore, reduce the risk of well placement. Previous acquisition of seismic data in the area date back to the early 1980s. Having modern acquisition recording system, sources and on-site analysis capabilities made it possible to test recording and source parameters in a timely manner. Well economics in the area precludes from shooting elaborate 3D surveys, so the program design was purposely concentrating on the 2D program. Test program included testing of the geophone arrays, sweep parameters and source energy considerations. Based on the analysis, an optimum acquisition program was developed, which allowed for fast data acquisition in a highly cultivated area, reduced acquisition footprint and, therefore, environmental impact.


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