In this paper we are stating conception of seismic data processing using based on vari-ous of instant amplitudes, phases and frequencies. Such way providing by information equiva-lence of signal and it’s instant characteristic. Visual observability and locality of instant pa-rameters allow to build the flexible and time-dependent nonlinear procedures which are oper-ated on the basis of “visual” features of wave field. Simplicity in realization and management of processing differ this approach from wavelet and Fourier analyses of seismic data. In the context of this conception the set of processing procedures was formed. Linear transformation of instant frequency uses for increasing wave direction adaptation of multi-channel procedures and resolution of seismic data. Transformations of amplitude and fre-quency instant parameters uses in amplitude and frequency noise cancellation. Amplitude transformation with saving phase characteristic allow to create signal compression filter and to combine parametritic and wave information on a section. Instant vector which build on temporal and spatial instant frequency uses for correlation waves and adaptation algorithm to wave fields feature. Instant phase adaptive correction filter increases coherence seismogram but don’t distort it dynamics.


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