Authors developed and implemented a new method of seismic data processing, Multifocusing (MF). MF is based on the theory of homeomorphic imaging and consists of stacking seismic data with arbitrary source-receiver distribution in the vicinity of the central point. The new formula of the moveout correction is determined. This correction is based on a local spherical approximation of the reflection wave front and the dynamic ray tracing. MF does not require any knowledge of the subsurface model and produces an accurate zero offset section, even in cases of a complex geological structure, low signal to noise ratio and low fold data. An estimated set of parameters, namely the emergence angle and radii of curvatures for two fundamental wavefronts that define the local moveout correction, contains important information regarding the subsurface model and can be used for deep analysis of geological media. MF application is illustrated by a case study of real data processing.


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