A seismic 3D survey conducted in 2005-2007 in West Siberia has revealed a ring feature, which complicates the reflections from the very top to the bottom of the sedimentary cover. To identify the nature of the feature, horizontal and vertical slices across the feature, as well as maps of the major reflectors have been studied. Comparison of the data with existing images and results of case studies shows that the feature, with its 4.5 km diameter and a distinct central uplift, bears a strong resemblance to a classic complex impact crater. The structure is marked by a conic fault. The crater can be recognized on the remote sensing image and on the elevation map. The data represents the first-ever example of a full 3D seismic image of a terrestrial impact crater. Along with 3D seismic image of the Silverpit impact crater in the North Sea, the data on Pulytyinslaka ring structure marks a new era of quantitative studies of terrestrial impact craters.


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