The reliable, operative information about the internal structure of the system "an earth dam - its basis" considerably reduces the risk of occurrence of unforeseen emergency contingencies, while structural peculiarities of rock bases (fractures, faults etc.) may significantly change the regime of such facilities operation. With an example of the carried out seismotomographic field study of a fill-up dam of the "Apatit" JSC the possibilities of the method of seismic to-mography are shown at studying the internal structure of grounds of the dam and the structure of the rocky basis. It is found, that the nature of filtration through the body of the dam is, ba-sically, the drainage of subsoil water from the bank part of the dam via two identified fault zones. The obtained information can be used for drawing up declarations of safety of hydrau-lic engineering facilities and the development of technological activities for overhaul of dams and dikes.


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