East-Kamchatka submontane trough, within which there are numerous natural sources of oil and gas (shows), is the largest oil-bearing area in East Kamchatka. 2D seismic exploration carried out in 2005-2006 gave us the whole insight into the tectonic structure of the northern segment of the East-Kamchatka submontane trough. We established a significant increase in the sedimentary cover thickness in the direction of the Bering Sea. The hydrocarbon potential of the East-Kamchatka submontane trough is estimated: ultimate potential categories D1+D2 resources of conventional hydrocarbons (CHC) came to 120 mln t for the area under studies (2,300 km2). The most promising and first-priority area of exploration for oil and gas is the Stolbovoy locality having the CHC density of 123.8 thous. t/km2. There occur the thickest sedimentary deposits of marine and littoral-marine genesis and a big family of HC traps, qualitative fluid traps and reservoirs may be inferred. The similar distribution of gravity anomalies within the Stolbovoy locality and localities on the shelf suggests a similarity of their structural-tectonic characteristics. Expected CHC resources of the Stolbovoy Canyon and Kamchatka-Commander depression zone may far exceed those of the Stolbovoy locality.


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