In all territory of a Lena-Tunguska petroliferous province the bottom part Danilovo regional horizon is presented carbonates rocks, except for a southwest part where it is replaced on terrigenous breeds. In Baikit OGR the horizon has a different geological structure. In east part of oil-gas area the retinue is developed carbonate Katanga Formation. In the central part occurs gradual facies replacement of the bottom part Katanga Formation on terrigenous breeds, and in a zone of joint Baikit Anteclise to the Yenisey Ridge, the horizon is completely replaced on terrigenous Tokhomo Formation. In the south wells open the fullest cut of the bottom part Danilovo regional horizon which includes from below upwards terrigenous Moshakovka and carbonate Katanga Formations. On the basis of the detailed correlation of cuts of wells the basic laws of a geological structure of the bottom part Danilovo regional horizon are revealed and zones with favorable conditions of formation terrigenous reservoirs are allocated.


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