The results of complex geophysical investigations along section Genaldon which situates in the limits of Folding-block high of Big Caucasus and Ossetian depression of Terek-Caspian front line flexure are considered. Under Ossetian depression at a depth of 6-13 km low-resistance layer with values of electric resistances in average less than 10 “ohmmeters” is identified. Rocks of this layer can be presented by interlace of anhydrite, halite and gypsum. Presence of sustained in extension carbonate-sulphate-saliferous layer may indicate there existence of paleoflexure in “titon” time. Data of geophysical investigations confirm its graben nature. Perspectives of oil-and-gas presence of considered region are connected with subsalt (oxford-“cimmerige”) rocks complex. As a “capacity” for hydrocarbons can be considered frontier zones of “titon” rift shaped deflection, various fault fragmentation zones as well as areas of decompaction in arches of saliferous and overlying rock stratas.


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