The features of character of a gravitational field above some HC traps testify, on the one hand − to an opportunity and necessity of use of the data precision gravity for the forecast of presence of oil and gas, with another − about necessity of development and introduction of more perfect methods of interpretation. These methods must be not only reveal local decompactions in a geological section, but also establish criteria of forecasting of probable productivity of these decompactions, and also determine its deep and spatial parameters. The complexity of application of gravity by HC traps prospecting is caused by that the effect from a HC trap is small. It till now limited gravity application for the forecast of presence of oil and gas. The mapping of local decompactions in geological section in Paleozoic sedimentations on the basis of the analysis of precision gravity data within the limits of Vostochnoe and Baydja-novskoe deposits, concerning a deposits line of Prikumsky raisings system is carried out. The gravity data analysis was carried out on the developed earlier technique successfully enough used in a line of presence of oil and gas areas.


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