The potential needs of geophysical methods and technologies of influence on layer zone in the well are described here. The layer for extraction intensification and rising of oil collector useful effect is mentioned here as well. The description of modern Russian mechanical facilities market and market of acoustic well refinement services (mostly in ultrasonic range using radiators based on piezoceramics) is given. Detailed technique-technological characteristics of forcing the geoacoustic well complexes produced by “ZVEK PROGRESS” are carried out. Several examples of their use in Timano-Pechora region to process the extractive wells are also given. The stress lays on the technique-technological and other problems (such as improving the power and frequency complexes characteristics, their autonomization and automatization, model and life simulation, marketing, etc.), which help a lot to extend the range of use and object spectrum, to rise the demand level and quality of services, which may and must become the common (standard) geophysical technologies in the nearest future.


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