Carboniferous limestones and associated lithologies are the most abundant rock types in Ireland. The few published summaries of geophysical properties of common ground materials in Ireland have qualitatively assigned the resistivities of these rocks across large ranges There is a necessity for a more precise analysis of values of resistivity across general lithologies and for individual formations, based on a systematic analysis assessment of available field resistivity results. Inverted resistivity values were selected from profiles which were interpreted to be representative of fresh unweathered bedrock not subject to major faulting or karstification. Thematic maps and histograms of the median resistivities of formations and rock types were then generated to show variations of resistivity for Carboniferous lithologies, and variations with location within individual formations. Overall median resistivity values for each of four divisions were as follows: 140 Ohm-m for Namurian mudstones, shales and siltstones; 507 Ohm-m for shaly limestones; 1108 Ohm-m for intermediate muddy limestones; 1882 Ohm-m for massive/oolitic limestones. Selected other results include a median resistivity of 522 Ohm-m for Lucan Formation and Calp combined, and 2038 Ohm-m for Waulsortian Limestones.


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