ion of fault seal workflows in the reservoir simulation process is the inability to interactively update fault properties to fit to dynamic data. Often significant effort is expended in the generation of viable fault properties and geometries but this initial estimate will often be in error (due to the natural variability of the systems and the inaccuracy with which we can define the various parameters). When the reservoir engineers fail to generate a history match from this initial estimate the lack of geologically driven editing tools mean that often the geologically derived fault properties are replaced by uniform, fault wide single values which are editable. This major loss of data and understanding is due in part to a lack of editing tools available to the reservoir engineer that honors’ the geological form of the data. Providing tools that can allow interactive creation and editing of fault properties should allow for a far greater utilization and improved application of fault seal analysis in the simulation process. This enhanced integration of geological and reservoir engineering knowledge should ultimately lead to better management of the reservoir.


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