data in the injection well. To deploy in the treatment well, we used the TriAxial Borehole Seismic (TABS*) tool on a standard, 7-conductor wireline. TABS is a single, ~21 m by ~0.06 m tool carrying three, 8-m-spaced, 3-component geophones packages; pressure and temperature sensors; and an orientation gyro. During the treatment, TABS was turned off and locked at depth in the injection well. Because it’s narrow and robust, TABS easily withstood the battering from in-well placement during injection. TABS began recording and telemetering data immediately following injection. In the next 1 ½ hours, TABS recorded ~400 microseismic events. Because the on-board gyro enables in-hole movement and re-orientation, we repositioned TABS twice to compare and, thus, find optimal recording perspectives. On analysis, the microseismic data yielded an in situ picture of complex fracture geometry, delineating an asymmetric fracture network with substantial near-wellbore upward growth and possible breakdown of the cement-casing bond or cement-formation bond. As an added benefit, the TABS deployment minimally intruded or obstructed treatment and field operations. (*Licensed from ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company).


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