Classical Digital Outcrop modelling (DOM) needs to integrate all the available outcrop-based geologic features that are spatially positioned and recorded, at all scales, in 3D georeferenced environment. To do this, many different tools, with contrasting workflows, are commonly used by various modelers. To methodically integrate and quantitatively use all the various types of geological information retrievable from outcrops Eni decided to create an integrated workflow to be used in a single work-environment and able to run on any Eni infrastructure.This will allow for the user to: - Import, integrate and visualize of all kinds of georefenced data (LIDAR, GPR, Shallow Seismic, GPS measurements, wellbore logs and bottom-hole core picture, etc) in both 1D, 2D and 3D domain - interpret data in terms of surfaces and boundaries via semi-automatic polyline interpretation and picking - use sedimentary facies recognition to extract geometrical information - measure and analyse structural data (bedding and fracture plunge) both from LIDAR Clouds of Point and photodraped images A robust Virtual Outcrop has so been produced and will be expanded in the future providing the outcrops are suitable to be used as subsurface analogs.


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