A high resolution 3D seismic survey has been recorded on an experimental hydrogeological site that has been developed for several years near Poitiers (France). The paper has shown how 3D seismic data can be processed to get a 3D seismic pseudo velocity block in depth. The results obtained are validated at 5 wells in which acoustic data have been recorded. The 3D seismic pseudo velocity block shows the large heterogeneity of the aquifer reservoir in the horizontal and vertical planes. In a second step, the 3D seismic pseudo velocity block is converted in a 3D resistivity block by using a Faust law obtained by adjustment of interval seismic velocities on resistivity logs recorded in 11 wells. After calibration, the 3D resistivity block is converted in porosity. The porosity distribution shows preferential connections between wells. The results obtained are confirmed by well pumping tests and pressure interference which show the hydrodynamic connection between wells.


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