Geodetic referencing of seismic navigation data is required for the correct interpretation of the coordinates. To assist in providing the right definition of the Coordinate Reference System of the data the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset has been published since 1994. This dataset is the largest collection of geodetic parameters available globally. As such it has become the de-facto standard for geodetic referencing of spatial data in many communities. It is recommended by SEG for obtaining the relevant geodetic definitions. Previously only available as a MS-Access file, it is now accessible over the World Wide Web using standard Internet browser software. Users can now query the server-based dataset through the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Registry through an intuitive interface, as well as obtain the MS-Access database file. The EPSG Registry also permits software-to-software querying and retrieving of geodetic parameters. This permits new generation software to extract these parameters from the Registry at run time or as part of a periodic synchronization event. The Geodetic Parameter Registry was constructed under a Joint Industry Project facilitated by the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP).


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