Be ready to operate it is one of the most critical steps in the development of an oil field. For complex projects characterised by technical risks and challenges a structured approach is mandatory to ensure operational excellence and readiness. The study proposed shows the methodology adopted by AgipKCO to achieve operational readiness for the Kashagan Field Development Project through a management system identified as Operations Readiness and Assurance (OR&A). The Operations Readiness and Assurance is the process to assure that the Field Production Facilities are designed, built, commissioned and started up taking into account lifecycle Operations requirements. This methodology to ensure operations readiness has been successfully applied to the development of Kashagan field. Kashagan is an extremely complex development in respect to the technical issues associated with developing a high pressure, sour hydrocarbon reservoir in a hostile environment. The management system applied through its structure and governance has enabled the Operations team to be fully integrated in the field development, to become a key decision maker for the operability of the facilities and to reduce


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