Three-dimensional quantitative seismic imaging in complex environments such those involving deepwater, thrust belts, sub-salt and sub-basalt structures is one of the main challenges of seismic exploration such that hydrocarbon exploitation. We present a 3D frequency-domain full waveform tomography (FWT) algorithm suited for wide-aperture seismic data. We aim to develop high-resolution P-wave velocity models at low frequencies. The inverse problem based on a classic gradient method consists of the successive inversion of few increasing frequencies. This defines a multiresolution imaging scheme and allows us to manage compact data volume. The code is fully parallelized and avoids disk swapping by keeping in core the foward-problem solutions in distributed format. We present two validations of our algorithm with the SEG/EAGE Overthrust model. The main structures were well imaged with a spatial resolution in accordance with the inverted frequencies. Further work is required to [i] perform more representative applications on larger computational platforms, [ii] assess the sensitivity of 3D FWT to the starting model and to the acquisition geometry and [iii] Investigate less demanding strategies to perform the forward problem in the frequency domain such that hybrid direct/iterative solver based on domain decomposition method.


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