Structural Uncertainties have a direct impact in exploration, production and drilling decisions. We suggest an approach to generate realisations of reservoir grid conditioned by structural uncertainties. In this paper we show how structural uncertainty can be estimated from geophysical data and used to constrain the shape of reservoir grid realisations. Firstly we present a practical and global approach for estimation of structural uncertainty (i.e. not limited to vertical displacements) which results in a 3D vectorial field attached to the structural model. Secondly we show how this vectorial field can be used in the process of constructing reservoir grids to produce realisations constrained by structural uncertainties. The presented technique enables the propagation of structural uncertainty in the computation of reservoir realisations, in such a way that a new dimension is added to probabilistic reserve calculation. Some examples have shown that including structural uncertainties in the generation of reservoir grid realisations is a major improvement for history matching.


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