Reconciling reservoir production and surface deformation data is not an easy task to perform but remote sensed data can significantly improve our ability to measure surface displacement fields with sub-centimeter accuracy. Satellite data powerfully complements ground-based techniques, such as tiltmeters and GPS stations and permits measurements in areas where access is difficult or expensive. In addition, PSInSAR™ data allow the analysis of wide areas very quickly compared campaign-style traditional time-consuming surveys. The cost is lower than traditional leveling and GPS surveys and can be applied as a monitoring tool, having typically a monthly update. The large archive of data, acquired by the ESA ERS satellites since 1992 allows one to analyze past phenomena in different areas. The new SAR sensors recently launched (e.g. TerraSAR-X, ALOS PALSAR, Radarsat-2, Cosmo-SkyMed) will provide continuity of radar data and will further improve the quality of InSAR surveys.


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