Coal may be important source of energy for Europe on the condition of introducing clean and safe technologies including carbon storage and sequestration (CSS). On the other hand, there are many depleted or partially depleted oil or gas reservoirs, which are producing bellow or near economical limit and may be easy converted into underground waste storages. This paper presents the experience in underground storage of acid gas in Poland. According to actual ecological tendency, since 1993 the acid gas from sour gas sweetening facilities is injected into one oil and one gas reservoir. This process eliminates sulfur compounds and carbon dioxide emission into atmosphere and gives necessary experience for large scale carbon sequestration. On the basis of the above mentioned experiences, the convertibility of the oil and gas reservoirs into underground storage of CO2 emitted by typical power plant is investigated. The full scale compositional simulation showed that initially CO2 injection could be carried out simultaneously with production but later, the production is to be terminated due to the changes in produced gas composition. Finally the life time of the project is estimated.


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