Shear wave velocity is an important parameter in seismic exploration. In this paper, we try to find a new procedure to calculate shear-wave velocity. (1) Using the well-log and laboratory data, we predict wave velocity based on Xu-White model which combines Gassmann equation with Kuster-Toksoz theory. It is not only considers the effects of rock matrix and fluid inclusions, but also the porosity and pores' shapes. (2) In consideration of the uncertainties which come with input model parameters, measurements of well-logging data and laboratory data and those from the model predication itself, this paper proposed to use Vp and density log curves as the control curves inverse the truethfulness modulus curves, for optimizing the predict result of shear wave velocity. (3) Finally, in view of prestack seismic data including most geological information, such as prestack CDP gather, the more authoritative shear wave velocity can be obtained by prestack elastic wave inversing. The application of the evaluation flow mentioned above was used in a project of Shengli oilfield which has achieved a good result in predicting both the reservoir and the fluid in it.


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