We used seismic modeling and imaging as effective tools to verify structural interpretation of a seismic section from geological complex area at an onshore field of Venezuela. By analyzing PSTM image problems and combined with a nearby well information we derived a new structure/velocity model, and re-produced the image problems by pre-stack time migration of the synthetic seismic data acquired from this new structure model. The comparison of PSTM images of synthetic data and the real data verified the new interpretation concept and confirmed that the target structure was distorted by the overriding thrust faults in the PSTM images and PSDM has to be adopted to produce accurate structure image. To select an adequate PSDM velocity model building workflow for this specific imaging objective the same synthetic dataset has been used to evaluate different PSDM model building approaches. Both grid and model based tomography workflows have been evaluated. From the comparison between PSDM images of the two different approaches we concluded that grid tomography without structure surfaces constraint is inadequate and model-based velocity update method is suitable to achieve the imaging objective.


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