A re-exploratory approach has been applied to search for Cretaceous opportunities in one traditional oil field located in the central part of the Maracaibo Lake, with the purpose of getting a ranked cretaceous prospects program. The study was based on Volume Visualization Technologies, together with traditional interpretation and geological integration methods. Surface visualization and conventional seismic interpretation were done on four 3-D seismic surveys (2006Km2). The results show three areas: An structurally complex development area, where the majorities of the cretaceous wells have been drilled and several up dip locations can be proposed; a new exploratory concept area, were the Cretaceous is at the highest position and no well has fully tested the main objective and finally, an exploratory area where a good compartalized structure is present. A geological model was done and provided isochore, isopac, net to gross, porosity and maturity maps to characterize the reservoir, seal and source rock sections. Results and risk analysis have enable the planning of future drilling opportunities in the moderate to high risk ranked Central Block, followed by development locations in the low risk West Block. This re-exploration approach has led to a successful process for efficient future exploration efforts.


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