Geological Survey of Italy (SGI) realizes the national geological map at 1:50,000 scale (CARG Project), in cooperation with territorial organizations, and several research institutions and universities. At present the CARG Project has financed 255 geological maps, corresponding to 40% of the entire Italian territory. One of the achievement of the CARG Project is the realization of a geological database (1:25,000 scale) where digital data are organized in accordance with the logical scheme defined in specific guide lines. Both field data (e.g. geological mapping units; points of geological observations; plicative structures and structural elements) from CARG database and geological data collected in other SGI databases (e.g. borehole stratigraphies and gravity anomalies) are used to build 3D geological models. The full applicability of the CARG database for the creation of 3D models has been tested. SGI has increased its activities in 3D modeling and visualization combining different types of multi-scale georeferenced data into a single 3D environment, soon available also on the WEB.


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