At an oil field in the North-Eastern Europe, the rates of oil production from a dual porosity carbonate reservoir are known to be strongly dependent on fracture permeability, so we use a set of permeability-sensitive seismic attributes for the reservoir characterization. The set, chosen with account for the results of "fracture permeability substitution" modeling, includes coherence, azimuthal anisotropy, spectral decomposition, and scattering attributes. As is not uncommon for dual porosity rocks, available core/well log data on permeability relate more to matrix permeability than to fracture permeability. Indeed, cross-correlation "core/log permeability ↔ well productivity" here is less tight than the resulting cross-correlations "attribute ↔ core/log permeability" and “attribute ↔ well productivity". Hence, in the case of dual porosity rocks, the modelling-supported integrated analysis of permeability-sensitive seismic attributes can add essential independent information on (mainly fracture) permeability to the estimates of (mainly matrix) permeability derived routinely from cores and/or well logs.


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