During the last 10-15 years many oil companies have adopted general best practices in order to assure high quality field studies. Though best practices represent a significant guideline for each task of the process, actually, it is often difficult to keep the reservoir study fully consistent with them. For this reason, an advanced web based system has been developed in order to transform best practices into an interactive tool to be used to set-up, support and monitor field studies. This system can be a very useful tool for senior professionals, project leaders and reservoir managers; it can be used to identify the best methodology, workflow and applications for the study to be carried out, as well as the best way to improve the collaboration within the project team and to ensure the interoperability of tools that will be used. Once the workflow has been set up, the process can be monitored step by step, the involvement of the different specialists activated when needed and the production of the deliverables assured at the right time. Eventually, the system allows each member of the team to interactively access the best practices and any available lesson learnt from previous studies.


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