This study aims to provide some tectonic and sedimentary constrains on the evolution of the Dacic Basin (fig. 1, 2) based on structural and stratigraphic interpretation of several seimic lines from the western part of the Moesian Platform (fig. 1, 3). The study area is located in the fordeep of the South Carpathian orogen and the interpretation regards the last stage postcollisional evolution of the system. Although the tectonic framework of the area is far from a simple orogen/foreland system, in general the classical definition of the foreland basin as formed in front of an active orogenic system by flexure of lower plate driven by orogenic loading (Beaumont, 1981) may be applied for the foredeep of the South Carpathians. The basin's stratigraphy and geometry depend on the tectonic processes taking place in the adjacent orogen and within the foreland.


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